Great Lake Trail Information

The Great Lake Trail is an epic 71km mountain biking and walking journey situated along the western and northern shores of Great Lake Taupo, starting from the Waihaha River Bridge in the west to Whakaipo Bay in the north.
The Great Lake Trail is made up of three main sections - Waihaha (30km), Kawakawa (20km) and W2K (21km).

You can choose to ride the entire Great Lake Trail in either two or three days, or choose to ride each individual section, depending on fitness levels. We can pick up or drop off at Waihora Bay, Kawakawa Bay, Whakaipo Bay and Kinloch.

If you choose to ride the trail in two days, ride Waihaha on day 1 and Kawakawa and W2K on day 2. If you are riding the trail in three days, ride Waihaha on day 1, Kawakawa on day 2 and W2K on day 3. 

To get to the start of the Waihaha section, drive west along the Western Bays Road (State Highway 32) until you get to the Waihaha River Bridge. The bridge is 57km from Taupo (around 40mins drive) or 37km from Kinloch (around 30 mins). 

Note : Be careful not to confuse the Waihaha Hut Track with the Waihaha section of the Great Lake Trail. The two different trails are signposted.

Make sure you pre-arrange for all your bike shuttles and logistics beforehand for a hassle-free experience.